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Irlen Center Boston

About Irlen Center Boston

Irlen Center Boston is the only full service Irlen Center in New England. We were started over 25 years ago by Georgianna Saba.  We have continued her legacy to identify and help those who have Irlen® Syndrome. 

Irlen Boston offers Irlen® screening, diagnostic evaluations for Irlen® Spectral Filters.

The Irlen® Method is a two-step process: problem identification and color identification and requires two testing sessions.

Family members participate with their children in the evaluation process.

The color (which is different for each person) is the key to the success of the program and can only be determined after a diagnostic assessment performed by a certified educational professional trained in the Irlen® Method.

We also offer Irlen Screener Training to become Certified Irlen Screeners to qualified applicants and an Online Re-Certification Program for Certified Irlen Screeners who need to renew there certificate.

In Memory of

Georgianna Saba, M.Ed

Founder of Irlen Center Boston